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Property Research Group, LLC is still actively making fair cash offers on any house or land during this time of crisis. If allowed, we will visit in-person, however many locations we will schedule a "Drive by" exterior visit with video consultations, whatever makes you most comfortable. Please give us a call or fill out the form below to have a property specialist contact you immediately.

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I received a job offer in New York and needed to sale my home Immediately.  PRG made an offer within 24 hours and we were at the closing table within 7 days.  Thanks guys!

Angela Motta

Los Angeles, CA

These guys are no joke! They do what they say their going to do.

Ronald Smith, Realtor 

First Solutions Realty  - San Diego, Ca

I received a property through inheritance that I wanted to sell, but didn't just want to give it away for next to nothing.  PRG was absolutely empathetic with me and made a fair market offer.  Thank you so much! 

Chad Peterson

Houston, Tx

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Help us provide free housing and financial education to single mothers who are victims of domestic violence and in shelter facilities.

Help the displacement of single mother’s do to domestic violence.

Roughly 6 years ago I was blessed with the experience of giving a home away "out right" to a domestic violence victim/ single mother with 3 kids in Cleveland, OH. At the time, she was in and out of different shelters trying to make ends meet. The home was given to her under one condition or contingency, and that was to pay the property taxes annually.

The Idea was a blessing. In fact, the first 12 months worked out great. Her kids could get settled into school, and she was able to continue to work part time.

However, the problem was that she wasn’t necessarily prepared to take on the full responsibility of the "up keep" on a home, such as repairs, utilities as well as property taxes and home insurance.

Ultimately, she ended up having to move out because she could not afford the initial expenses.

The learning lesson was twofold. Although my heart and idea was kind and on point to serve the need in our community. A structure financially and contractually was still needed.

So, without giving up on my vision, desire and calling to help single mothers financially, I plan to do the following:

24-month Lease "option to buy” contract.

Within this 24 months, the single month due to domestic violence would not be held responsible for Property Taxes, Home Insurance or Utilities. Under the condition that the single mother go through the following programs:

NACA.com - First time home buyer program

Operation Hope.org - Credit Repair Program

Operation Hope.org - Money 101

I am asking you for your donation to cover the following expenses for 24 months.

1. Utilize the funds for first 24 months of property taxes

2. Utilize the funds for first 24 months of home insurance

3. To pay for half of the utilities for 24 months

4. To cover any repair expenses for 24 months.

The support financially would mean the world to me. Because it would allow me to continue a vision which in my opinion, somehow gets over looked in our communities. Let's get these families off the streets and back on track.


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